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Financial Planning

We understand the effort and hard work that you put to build your wealth, your investments, and your property in order to provide a level of financial security to your loved ones. In collaboration with Edelweiss Financial Planning we offer the most Structured and unbiased financial planning solutions that help you map your hard earned money and investments to your Future Goals

Why Financial Planning?
  • A Process which helps you take control of your life and equips you to handle the future with confidence.
  • A Critical exercise in ensuring long-term financial security
  • Evaluating the whole “financial picture”, then outlining strategies that are “tailored” to individual needs and available resources
  • Understanding the benefits of investments you hold – to check whether they are well planned to produce income or growth, whether they preserve the purchasing power of your capital and the tax implications of the income received
  • A dynamic process to reflect the stage of life that you are in
  • A Review of the financial situation as one moves from one life stage to another

Financial planning is the most structured process that enables you to map your investments to your goals and evaluate the Financial Picture of different stages of your life. This requires a very professional and systematic approach including below mentioned key components:
  • Risk Profiling to understand the risk taking capacity and tolerance level
  • Income and Expenses Review
  • Net Worth Statement, Projected Cash Flows till retirement
  • Review of Existing Investments
  • Insurance Planning and Contingency Fund
  • Goal Based Allocation and Detailed Plan
  • Unbiased Recommendations and Execution*